Tuesday, May 7, 2019

It's A Beautiful Day!

The theme for this year's School-wide Project is: WEATHER.
"Brainstorm" words associated with sun, snow, rain, cloud, etc.

The Art Show "Forecast Art" will be on Friday, June 7th from 5:00 - 7:00 pm in conjunction with the PTO's event "Popsicles on the Playground."
This event is rain or shine. Get it? :)

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Goodnow Library Art Show for Grade Three

Goodnow Library Art Show

This year the Peter Noyes third graders are participating in
the Goodnow Library Art Show along with other students
from Haynes, Loring and Nixon.
The theme for the show is Space: Universe of Stories.
All student artwork will be on display for the entire summer.
The show’s opening is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th
from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the library.

Hope to see you at the opening!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Happy Spring!

All of the Peter Noyes K-5 artists completed their designs for the annual Square One Art project. I have mailed all of the artworks to the company and expect the order forms with the free sheet of stickers to arrive April 1st!  Be on the lookout for your young artist’s catalogue.

Kindergarten students had their first ceramics lesson! Each student made three clay pendants.
This lesson is a great introduction to the process of ceramics. The students learn how the soft clay
can be formed, dried over a period of days, fired in the kiln at over 2000 degrees, glazed with bright
colors, and fired again in the kiln at over 2000 degrees.  All of their pendants should be coming
home soon on leather cords ready to be worn.
Next, kindergarten students will have a watercolor unit about rainbow order (ROYGBP).

First Graders are starting an “Introduction to Figure Drawing” unit.  I encourage young artists to
avoid drawing stick figures or gingerbread figures to represent the human body.  Instead, I focus
their attention on “Shirts and Pants.” I find it is much easier, and proportionately accurate, to start
by drawing clothing first. First graders have also been doing a Color Theory unit about primary
(red, yellow, blue) and secondary (orange, green, purple) colors.

Second Graders also began a Color Theory unit on mixing primary colors to make secondary
colors. First, they used red, yellow and blue plasticine (modelling clay) to physically mash and
knead two colors together to make a new color. For the next lesson, the second grade artists used
primary color tempera paint to mix the secondary colors.  These paint swatches were later cut out
and collaged onto a new paper to make a Color Wheel.

Third Graders started a clay project that entailed making a “mouth pot” sculpture.  The students
started by making a pinch pot. Once turned on its side, the opening of the pinch pot would represent
the mouth of their sculpture.  After discussing how to attach two pieces of clay together (slip and
score), the artists attached teeth/fangs, tongues and the like inside the mouth of the sculpture, and
eyes, noses, horns, wings, tails, etc. to the outside of their sculptures.  After the sculptures are fired
in the kiln, the students will use multicolored glazes to color their creations.

Fourth Graders reviewed how to draw the human figure in proportion by drawing a wooden
mannequin from observation. The students will then draw the mannequin on toned paper with black
charcoal pencils. Next, they used black charcoal pencil, white charcoal pencil, and a blending stump
to shade in the mannequin with deep shadows and bright highlights.
The next lesson is creating ceramic coil pots!

Fifth Graders are working on a clay project of a 3D head. The head will be made by combining
two pinch pots to form a hollow egg shape.  Depending on the artist’s plan (human, animal, monster, etc.) features will be added by using the slip and score technique. After the initial firing (bisque fire), all sculptures will be glazed.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Simon Beck: Snow Art!

Check out this video interview with Simon Beck. He is a British artist that makes gigantic geometric murals in the snow...with his feet!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Hard working artists!

Kindergarten students have been gaining some foundation experience with numerous art materials. They have used a variety of crayons, markers and colored pencils in multiple two dimensional artworks. Our young artists have also been introduced to some Color Theory by discovering that red and yellow will create orange, and that blue and yellow will create green.
The most exciting news for our kindergarteners, and all parents, is that they received their
sketchbooks! Periodically throughout the year we will work on small drawing assignments to
document the present (self portrait, members of your family, your teacher, a recent memory, etc.).
These mini assignments will continue until the end of fifth grade, at which point the sketchbooks will
be sent home (and cherished!).


First Graders started their year with an inspiring book called Ish! by Peter H. Reynolds, a story of a
young artist discovering that Art cannot be summed up by one aesthetic or one right answer.  Our
first grade students also completed a tempera painting based on simple shapes. This colorful project
enabled the students to practice making controlled brushstrokes, and introduced them to the concept
of craftsmanship and “touch up.”

More recently, they have begun making animal/habitat collages.  These little 2D environments will be
coming home soon!

Gr.1 shape painting

Second Graders began with a fall collage using construction paper and glue sticks. Next, they
created a watercolor painting of a pumpkin patch using a few different watercolor techniques: wet on
dry, wet on wet and blotting.

To complement their study of Native American cultures, students began a basic color block yarn
weaving, and the upcoming project will be clay seed pots.

Gr.2 yarn weaving

Third Graders have had a two lessons in portraiture.  They learned that when drawing the human
head it is important to place the eyes halfway between the top of the head and the bottom of the
chin.  Many beginning artists (adults included) mistakenly place the eyes higher on the forehead.
Also, rather than putting a small bit of manicured lawn on the top of the head, students learned to
draw the hair as a shape.
Third graders have also been working on a warm leaves/cool sky tempera paintings. One of the
objectives of this painting lesson is to allow the brushstrokes to show. Our goal was to highlight the
paint application.

gr.3 warm leaves / cool sky painting

Fourth Graders became young designers while learning to use a compass to create artworks that
exhibit radial symmetry.  They then created circular designs freehand onto thin styrofoam which was
then printed on colored paper using multi-colored inks.  
Students can now look forward to one of the most exciting fourth grade projects.  Students will be
using clay to create unique coil pots. Students will be asked to try to create a coil pot that is not just
one coil upon the next, upon the next. Rather, students will consider incorporating some vertical,
textured, or spiraled coils or small slabs of clay into the wall of the pot.
After the pots are fired, students will have a few surface design options to complete their pot.

Gr.4 radial symmetry printing

Fifth Graders spent the beginning of the year looking into a mirror to study proportion in portraiture.
 We started with a pre-instruction self portrait in their sketchbook. We then began another self
portrait over the period of four classes noting and drawing proper placement of facial features
(always amusing to watch elementary students confronted with a mirror).
Recently, they have begun a printmaking unit making winter cards that can be personalized and

Gr.5 winter card printing

After the Winter Break, we will begin designing our squares for the annual Square One Art
fundraiser!  This project is always a big hit with our young artists while also generating funds for our

Monday, October 15, 2018

Collaborative Circle Display!

This board has created such a buzz around the school. Fellow artists, teachers and parents are constantly admiring your display. Great job kids!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Full Circle!

We are off to a great start!
All of the students in grades K-5 created a circle drawing for our collaborative display for Open House Night.
Stay tuned for pictures of the entire bulletin board. In the meantime, here are some creative student examples: